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LeashTime will be unavailable on Sunday, July 19, 2015 between 1 am and 2 am US Eastern Time while the server is upgraded.

The Master Schedule Email Feature

LeashTime depends on technology, and sometimes technology fails.

Although the LeashTime server is very reliable as a rule, temporary service outages are possible, and the chain of technology that connects you to LeashTime is vulnerable to occasional failure also; internet connections can get wonky, browsers can get out of whack, and the computers and mobile devices at our fingertips can fail us. But your animal clients and their human owners still depend up on you to show up and provide them with care, so LeashTime offers a rolling Master Schedule email feature.

Every day at around 3 am, LeashTime can email one or more of your business's managers and administrators a Master Schedule that describes your services for a period of up to 14 days starting that day. You can store that email locally or print it out to have on hand just in case something goes wrong.

Here is how to configure the feature:

Go to ADMIN > Preferences and click on the "Sitter Schedule Notifications" section. Inside you will find a link to the "Sitter Schedule Email Preferences" dialog. The lower section of this dialog specifies whether the Master Schedule will be sent at all, who it will be sent to, and how many days of service the schedule will include.

The resulting email looks something like this:

(almost) NEW

Tired of Logging into the LeashTime Mobile Sitter App repeatedly during the day?

Read Accessing the Mobile Sitter App: Avoiding Headaches to get the new Home screen shortcut and advice for avoiding repeated trips to the login page.

And make sure to share the link: with your sitters!

We have released the Exclusive Service Type feature.

Every service type in ADMIN > Service List has an "hours" column which contains a link. Clicking the link allows you to change the length of time to allocate to a visit (used by some LeashTime businesses) but also allows you to declare the service type "Exclusive".

Until now, the Exclusive check box was a placeholder, but now we have activated the Exclusive constraint. The purpose of this feature is to prevent a manager from unintentionally assigning a sitter to two visits that he could not (or should not) do at the same time.

The way it will work is like this. When you go to create a visit or assign a visit to a sitter, LeashTime will check to see if that sitter has any other visits in time frames that overlap this visit's time frame. If it finds any overlapping visits, LeashTime will check to see if any of these visits are of service types marked "Exclusive". If any of the overlapping visits are marked exclusive, then LeashTime will un-assign the visit being created or assigned rather than assign it to that sitter.

For example, say that sitter Liddy has a visit on her schedule as follows, and Overnight is an Exclusive service type:

12/13/2012 7:00 pm-7:00 am Tod Morgan (Buster) Overnight

If you try to assign another visit to Liddy:

12/13/2012 6:00 pm-8:00 pm Sirhan Smith (Argus) 15 Minute Walk

... LeashTime will instead mark the visit unassigned and show you a warning about what it has done.

This change is not retroactive. No existing schedules have been altered in any way.

We have implemented this functionality at customer request (and because we meant to get around to it anyway) and we hope that you will find it useful. You will find a fuller description of the functionality at Exclusive Service Types in LeashTime.


We have tweaked the visit list displays in LeashTime. Where the number of visits is displayed in the web application, it now displays the number of canceled visits in addition to the total. For example, it might now say "2 visits found. 1 is canceled." In the Mobile Sitter App home page, the number of visits and canceled visits are reported as (number of visits/canceled visits) with canceled visits in red. E.g., "(2/1)"

NEW FEATURE: You can now record Arrival time right from the visit list

WHERE: Mobile Sitter App visit list

HOW IT WORKS: Tap the green button on a visit. The popup will offer the blue Arrived button as well as the Completed button.


  • Manager has "Arrived" button option turned on
  • visit is today
  • visit is not yet marked "Arrived".
MORE: See the updated LeashTime Mobile Sitter App Manual
We have upgraded LeashTime's Sitter Time Off management functionality by beefing up the Sitter Time Off Calendar to make it into the primary tool for managing time off. Additions include:
  • monthly or weekly repeating patterns of time off
  • easy assignment of newly-unassigned visits
  • auto-reassignment of visits when time off is deleted
See the Time Off How-To Video for the whole story.

We have now made Billing Reminders available for petsit schedules, as created in the EZ Schedule tool. LeashTime will send a Reminder and/or email to you when a schedule is about to begin (you can set the number of days). Additionally, LeashTime will send you a Reminder at the end of the schedule. You can send a confirmation email, invoice email or process a credit card right from the Reminder. Please read about how you can set this up in How to Use Petsit Billing Reminders.

A new button Edit List Order in the Custom Client Fields editor and the Custom Pet Fields editor allows you to change the order in which these fields appear in visit sheets and elsewhere.

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