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How to Login
How to Add a Sitter
How to Add a Client
How to Use Client Flags
How to Use Custom Fields
How to Set Up Time Windows
How to Send a Calendar of Visits
How to Create Email Templates
How to Create an EZ Schedule
How to Use the EZ Schedule Copy Template
How to Create an Ongoing Schedule
- Suspending and Canceling
- Set the Lookahead Period
How to Use the Conflict Resolution Editor NEW
How to Pay Sitters
How to Manage Service Types
How to Use the Search Box
How to Modify Visits
How to Reassign Visits
- the Job Reassignment Page
How to Discount Visits
How to Use Surcharges
- Edit Surcharge Types
- Apply Automatically
- Apply Manually
- Multiple Auto Surcharges
How to Issue Credits and Refunds
- Issue Credits
- Issue Refunds
How to Charge a Gratuity
How to Request Services
How to Customize Sitter Schedule Lists
How to Set Up Client Meetings
How to Use the Mobile Sitter App
How to Schedule Sitter Time Off
How to Set Up Referral Categories
How to Use the iPhone Sitter App NEW
How to Use the Android Sitter App NEW

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